Meakusma Festival

01 – 04
September 2022


Nick Malkin

(Mondoj, Sun Ark - USA)


Nick Malkin is an artist and musician based in Los Angeles, California. His practice focuses primarily on the interplay between found sound, field recordings and electronic instrumentation. 

Over the past ten years, Malkin has released numerous recordings that occupy a unique space between several musical traditions: musique concrète, electronic ambient, jazz and modern compositional. His work articulates how an amalgamation of disparate, de-contextualized sounds can suggest hypothetical landscapes and environments — abstracted ‘non-spaces’ that convey an elusive sonic familiarity and explore sensory notions of what is “real” and “natural.” He currently hosts Post-Geography, a long-running radio show on NTS and operates a small imprint of the same name with a focus on idiosyncratic electronic music. He has released albums on Geographic North, Soda Gong and Mondoj among others.

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